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Fit Homeschool:

My mom worked from three in the afternoon to eight at night to make up for
what the schools couldn’t or wouldn’t teach between eight and three.
-Arne Duncan, Former Secretary of Education-

Fit Homeschool

Teachers make an incredible sacrifice every day to make a difference in children’s lives. Despite all their dedication and hard work, the painful reality is that they simply cannot get through to every student. Furthermore, many schools must conform to a prescribed curriculum that must be completed within an allotted time frame. Some children may not have had time to grasp the previous subject before moving on to the next. When this happens, learning gaps form and those gaps get bigger and bigger as students fall further behind.

Other children may experience social anxiety or buckle under the pressure that the school environment may create. Because the school system can be challenging for any number of reasons, we designed our home school program to be carefree and enjoyable. Since our curriculum is customized to the individual’s needs, there is no pressure to keep up. We only move forward to the next stage when the student has achieved fully mastery of the material at hand. Of course, there is no cause for social anxiety, as all sessions are one-on-one and continuously reinforcing.

The Fit Approach

When choosing Fit Homeschool, parents inform their school district of an intention to homeschool their child. Fit then provides homeschool support and supplementation in core skill areas. Children attend sessions at a nearby Fit Learning lab from 2 to 6 hours per day, 3 to 5 days per week, receiving intensive 1-on-1 academic and cognitive training. As always, our process starts with students receiving a comprehensive assessment in all the core subjects of reading, math, logic, and handwriting to ascertain what deficits or learning gaps may be present. When formatting the personalized curriculum for your child, we also take into consideration any behaviors that may also be impeding the learning process.

The Fit Results

Our science has proven to consistently advance students 1-2 Grade levels in 50 hours, so naturally a more continuous homeschool enrollment should likely further expedite the process. We do not intend for Fit to be a replacement for school, as it is our goal to fill the gaps and get children reintegrated into the school system as quickly as possible. Upon returning to school, your child should not only be ahead of the game academically, but he or she should likewise be armed with a renewed spirit of confidence.