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Online Services

How we do it?


While we realize that there is no substitute for doing our program face-to-face, we also recognize that our labs are not easily accessible to all people.  In an effort to broaden our reach, we now offer our learning services through Zoom, Skype, or other video conferencing platforms.  

Why we do it?

1.  Helping the Less Fortunate


At Fit Learning, it has always been our mission to transform the lives of children  by dramatically improving the way in which they learn and process information.  Although the education system in the United States is far from perfect, we can still consider ourselves fortunate in many respects.  Public schools are spread abundantly throughout our nation, so children rarely have any difficulty accessing essential learning resources.  Furthermore, many communities also offer a multitude of enrichment services to help with learning deficits.   There are many parts of the world that do not have access to the most basic schooling systems, let alone supplemental tutorial programs.  According to UNESCO data, some 264 million children do not go to school, whether it be for lack of access, financial limitations, or other reasons.


Given the magnitude of this problem, we realize that a small organization like ours can do very little to move the needle on this issue.  On the other hand, it is our mission to transform the way in which students learn—and we intend toachieve this one child at a time.   By touching the lives of children who would have otherwise had limited access to a formal education system, our coaches derive a great deal of fulfillment from these experiences. 


2.  Filling the Gaps


While many students have limited access to educational facilities, many more suffer from an even bigger epidemic—misguided instruction.  We do not blame the teachers here, as they generally do the best that they can under the circumstances.  Most schools favor content over fluency, which is perfectly understandable.  After all, it takes a great deal of time to teach all concepts to fluency standards, and there are only so many hours in a school day and so many school days in an academic year.  When students do not learn the content fluently enough,  they will have a tendency to forget some of the material and develop gaps along the way.  This is where we come in!


We first conduct a formal assessment on all prospective students to identify any learning deficits that may exist.  Upon identifying those deficits, we then gain an understanding of how far into the student’s educational past we need to go.   We will then go back and teach all those previously missed concepts to fluency.  In other words, it is not enough to simply know the material, but one is expected to know it quickly and efficiently.  Once the material comes as naturally as the alphabet, then we can be confident that the student will be able to retain the information well into the future.

Our Goal: 

We continuously seek to expand our footprint, both domestically and internationally, by striving to move from an online format to a more-preferred face-to-face learning environment.

In remaining consistent with our above-stated goal, we implore parents and children to support us in this endeavor.  Much of our success has come from organic growth.  As children achieve success in our program, proud parents have served as our greatest advocates.  The beauty of education is that when we see our children acquire knowledge and gain maturity, it is only natural for parents to want to rejoice in their achievement.  We want you to.  As a matter of fact, we want you to scream it from the highest mountains and spread the word to all your dear friends and family.  As we begin to grow our online support, this can go a long way toward inspiring our team to bring a learning lab to your area… wherever that may be!  


It is our desire to have as many learning labs as possible, spread throughout the globe.  After all, the more labs we have, the more children we serve.  The more children we serve, the more lives we change.  We can think of no greater gift to kids than that of a quality education and a truly transformational  learning experience. 

Still Not Convinced? …