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Our Programs
Cognitive Fitness within Every Child’s Reach

What is Cognitive Fitness?
Our Fit sessions resemble a SPORT, where your child participates in FAST-paced, timed, goal-oriented, 1-on-1 practice sessions designed to build ACADEMIC fluency. A FLUENT foundation produces learners who have cognitive fitness – or the ability to learn and
perform as an EXPERT in any academic setting on any type of task. Students who are
cognitively fit tend to be AGILE, flexible, focused, perseverant, confident, determined,
and able to think CRITICALLY.
1) Mastery of Component Skills – Musicians, coaches, artists…. get this concept, and so do we at Fit Learning. Musicians do not practice entire pieces and teams do not scrimmage all practice. Rather, musicians practice scales and parts of pieces and teams work on conditioning, passing, and the running of specific plays. It is only when the core parts are mastered that the piece of music is perfected or the game plan realized. The same holds true in education.

2) Achieving Mastery Through Fluency Building- We know from our work that being able to perform something at 100% is not a valid measure of knowing something well. Students must also perform core component skills with speed/automaticity.

3) Daily Measurement of Performance- We take data on EVERYTHING a student does. Much like being admitted to a hospital, with doctors and nurses taking frequent measures of your vitals, we take measures on growth of micro and macro academic/language/social targets. This allows us to make immediate changes if a student is “Flat-lining.” That is, the student is not making adequate progress. Our data collection methods allow us to make informed decisions about programming and objectively evaluate the success of those decisions.

4) We serve ALL types of Learners- Being rooted in Behavioral science enables us to address learning differences to promote change that makes a profound difference in your child’s life. We have developed training systems that allow for the qualification of our staff for different levels of client difficulty. In other words, we do not let just anybody work with any child. We recognize that certain children need a higher level of service.

We have provided services for children with:

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Auditory Processing Disorder
Processing Disorders (General)
Tactile Defensive Disorder
Language Delays
Developmental Delay
Pervasive Development Delay
Downs Syndrome
Cerebral Palsy
Acquired Brain Injury
General Learning Disability
Work Refusal
Gifted and Talented Students
Students who are just struggling and need a boost
Preparation for participation in advanced Private Schools

5) Kids Love It- While children’s means of expression may differ, all kids want adult attention and to know that they have done a good job. This is achieved at Fit because:

    • We hire young, energetic, smart, and caring people to work for us.
    • We structure sessions such that kids have multiple opportunities for both success and failure. This does amazing things for confidence. Kids become truly confident with in our programs. Not that false bravado that many use as a defense mechanism, but rather that true sense of confidence that is derived from being really good at something.
    • Students develop ‘Grit’ by experiencing multiple contacts with failure. Thus, we teach them to be resilient in the face of failure.