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Our Approach

Once our assessment identifies the gaps in the foundational skills for logical reasoning: describing and classifying, relational skills, categorization etc. We design a personalized curriculum to build fluency in these foundational skills which are essential for all higher level executive functioning. Common challenges faced by students with pool logical reasoning skills include difficulty with:

    • making inferences
    • generating ideas
    • making connections
    • conversational skills
    • solving math word problems
    • answering questions spontaneously.
    • Understanding cause and effect scenarios.
    • Advanced math skills i.e. understanding Algebra

The Fit Logic results

Our 40- hours re-assessment provides an objective measure of the progress in the component skills for logical reasoning however, the progress is often apparent to parents and schools even prior to the re-assessment. Improved Logical reasoning skills, leads to success in comprehension and deductive reasoning improving performance in Science, Social Studies, Advanced Math and Creative Writing skills. Anecdotally, parents also report an increase in conversational skills, creativity and day to day problem solving.