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For your convenience, we offer registration for Fit Learning in an easy online form. If you are ready to register your child for our academic tutoring services, you are welcome to fill out the form below. Parents are also welcome to contact us to schedule a tour so that we can show you more about our specialized programs, and answer any questions you might have.

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    Please list the individuals who have permission to pick-up your child from his/her session. Include family members, friends, and babysitters who may participate in transporting you child to and from sessions. Anyone picking-up your child must appear on this list and be able to show identification in order to take your child after his/her session.

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    Please list 3 individuals who we may contact in case of an emergency if you cannot be reached.

  • General Information Questionnaire

    **If your child is diagnosed with a learning disability or has an IEP, please answer all questions.
    **If your child does not have a specific diagnosis or IEP, please answer questions under section A only.

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Fit Learning uses the Fit Learning Method of instruction. The method is a unique combination of applied behavior analysis, precision teaching, direct instruction, curriculum-based measurement, and relational frame theory. The result is a profoundly transformative process that consistently produces 1-2 years of growth in 40-50 hours.This is why tutors in Perth cannot reproduce results such as these.


Science has determined that fluency – or a measure of accuracy, plus pace – is the most appropriate measure of skill mastery. It reliably predicts that a learner remembers the skill over time in the absence of on-going practice, and that they can perform the skill under distracting conditions without affecting performance. This serves as the goal for everything we train at Fit Learning.


When students achieve fluency across a broad array of core skill areas for a particular subject, they experience an actual transformation as a learner. A fluent foundation produces learners who have cognitive fitness – they are agile, flexible, focused, perseverant, confident, and determined learners, who are able to think critically at all times.